Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Surprised by the Tip

Been pretty busy the last couple of days. Took the opportunity of an inter-semester break to clear out the attic of 15 years of accumulated junk. Having spent a couple of afternoons transporting large boxes and other sundry items down rickety ladders out into the garden I then attempted to load them into our little Nissan Micra. Then off to the tip.

The last time I went to the Raynesway tip was about a year ago. It was complete chaos. Even at midday, which is pretty quiet, the queue of cars was backed out on to the dual carriageway causing major snarl-ups. Once joining the queue I had to wait longer than Saddam could deploy his WMD, allegedly. Having loaded the car myself I knew that I was carrying a strategic load – no mere tactical maneuver this. Having got the car to the ramp to unload, I was attended by a red-faced man, clearly the worse for drink. (He and his mates spent most of their time in a little tin ‘office’ doing, well, you know, seeing to their complexion with various appropriate liquids.) He manfully staggered about helping emptying my car-load into the large skip. He managed to do so without falling in himself.

This year I expected the same. Yet it was like a dream. Quietly sailing down Raynesway, rolling gently into the waste area to be greeted by a newly built concrete ramp with marked parking bays that allowed me to back up the car close to the appropriate skip. Then I got out to find three young lads already pulling the hatchback open to unload for me. No sign of red faces – just professionalism. It wasn’t busy because it was all too clean and efficient. All done in no time at all! Good on you Derby City Council!

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