Monday, March 15, 2004

Mac’s Back

I finally got my iBook back today. A week ago the display failed. Judging by the sounds it made, it seemed to boot up OK, but no screen. When taking it to Harwood’s they told me it was a 'logic board fault'. I took this as an irritating catch-all fault description which means, "we don’t know what it is but we will replace the guts of the computer and charge you lots of money". As I said before, call me a cynic…

Turned out that there is a well-known fault with this model. Apple has a programme to replace failed logic boards free of charge.

So, on Wednesday, UPS bloke turns up, whips iBook into large box, and scuttles off. Today, same UPS bloke returns with fixed iBook in box. Free. So here I am typing away. Excellent. It’s good being a Mac disciple… ;-)

However, my propensity to waste time was not helped by this hiatus. Backing up data, borrowing and setting up Susan’s PC ( :-( ) all took time away from study. After 2 weeks into the semester, I am one week behind.

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