Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Family Note

Before I forget I need to mention this. Kate went back to school this morning after two and a bit weeks on holiday. It is noticeable how effective and valuable recreation is, and it shows in Kate. Towards the end of last term she was getting tired, grumpy and ‘floppy’. However, in the last few days she has been bright as a button. Lots of sleep, interesting things to do, time out with family and some friends all make a big difference.

Last Sunday afternoon she and I decided to go for a walk. Susan decided to stay at home. It was slightly drizzly, so I was surprised Kate wanted to come. But, we had great fun. There are some fields on a hill behind us. So we said 'hello' to some horses, played some silly guessing games, chatted about all sorts of things (friends, family, The Passion) as we tramped over the wet grass.

I’m increasingly impressed at Kate’s ability to think things through for herself on issues, especially faith and relationships. I enjoy listening to her opinions. But then she is growing up. This is her final term at primary school. Secondary next year – a new era!

I thank God for my family, who I love and enjoy so much. He is good.

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