Thursday, May 06, 2004

Forgiveness Fallacy

OK, I didn't claim to be on a fast. I only suggested that my head might be down for a while. But here is a micro-breather from reading.

I came across this quote yesterday from Emil Brunner in The Mediator which I thought was pretty interesting. Discussing the question of God's forgiveness and how He can deal with the difficulty of the great obstacle of sin which bars man from Him, he says
Modern superficiality…evades this difficulty by an appeal to the analogy of human life. Good people forgive one another, how much more then must the good God be ready to forgive! The fallacy is not perceived. Good people forgive because they remember their own sin, because they know they have no right to judge others.(London: Lutterworth, 1934) p. 447

No less true 70 years on, I suggest. The modern (even Christian) mind too readily forgets just how different God is from us.

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