Thursday, March 24, 2005

Food and Water

(This is part of a comment I made on another blog about the Schiavo case. But I want to say it here too. Deep breath...)

Let's be clear. Administering food and water is not a treatment. It is a necessity, It is in the same class as the air that Mrs Schiavo breathes. The fact that it is administered through tubes doesn't change anything. It is simply another kind of "spoon". People who advocate euphemistically the removal of her "treatment" are advocating cruel starvation. They might as well argue that it is kind to remove her access to air. There are plenty of pillows that could be used for that purpose in the corner.

Shocked? I hope so. We live in days of muddled humanistic, godless thinking. Occasionally it bursts out in the horrors we are seeing in Florida. In the coming days I expect we will see more cases like it, and society will become desensitised. And the sad thing is we have people who are called ministers of the gospel in support of it.

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