Thursday, May 05, 2005

On This Election Day...

... a sobering note from Ian Hamilton of Cambridge Presbyterian Church on the Banner of Truth website. The final paragraph reads:
Christians of all people cannot subscribe to the secularist mantra that religion and politics must always be separated. Our Saviour has called us to be salt and light, penetrating the putrefying and confusing effects of sin in the world with the light of God's wholesome and saving truth. When the truths of the Christian faith are eclipsed in a nation, its moral and ultimate demise is inevitable. Let me say again, this letter is NOT an attempt to parade the virtues of one political party over another. It is, however, an unashamed attempt to provoke us to take perhaps more seriously than some of us have done before, what our political leaders are saying about abortion. If we do not speak for those who cannot speak for themselves, who will?

(Thanks David.)

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