Friday, June 17, 2005

By the Way...

... I think the Job exam went better than expected. I answered everything except one small question, so that's a good sign. I had a good 3-hour drive home last night. On the way, I listened to some of a series of lectures Sinclair Ferguson gave on Christian Doctrine at The Tron in the 80's when I was a member there. (It's frightening to think that he was younger then than I am now!) It is still good stuff!

Reflecting on my prep for Job, the way the exams were scheduled, I had virtually 42 hours to mug up on the topic (into which I also had to fit sleep, eating, getting clean etc as well) while at the college. I have to confess (now that I have finished) that before the exam I had only covered 25% of the course work. You can see why it was a train wreck waiting to happen. However, in that 42 hours I think I covered nearly 60% more of the course while cooped up in my room. I read a huge amount, made loads of notes, and virtually thought of nothing else (except when I got hungry, of course).

So you can see then why now I am thinking:
  • Could I not have got through the coursework when I had plenty of time, but without the stress?

  • Think what could be achieved in reading if I really set my mind to it. Maybe I could get through those dozens of unread books on my shelves!

Anyway, lets have a look at some blogs...

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