Friday, November 11, 2005

Blogroll Pruning

I took a radical step yesterday. I removed a couple of guys from my blogroll. Blogrolls are cherished possessions. They are a window into the blogger's heart and mind, revealing what interests him/her. So they must be carefully looked after and tended like a little garden...

Enough waffle. I noticed that I had not read a couple of bloggers on my roll for some time. I realised the reason why - they simply write too, too much. It's all good stuff, but I would look at their page and almost groan at the length of the post. And there is one of these almost every day! Oh, the burden! So I would quickly pass by.

The time has come therefore to admit reality - as far as my blogroll is concerned they are unproductive branches to be pruned (oops - beginning to waffle again).

So I wish them every blessing, but we must part company. Goodbye Challies and Jollyblogger. Sorry, guys, it's just too much!

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