Monday, March 20, 2006

Weekend Report

I had been invited to speak at a Men's Breakfast at Little Hill Church in Leicester on Saturday. This was yet another first and so I was worried about how to pitch it. It was an open event billed as a good breakfast and an informal talk on the Christian faith. It ended up there were 25 men there of whom around 6 were non-believers. I talked for 20 minutes on John 14:6. And had a good brekky.

Little Hill is a lovely church. Godly people led by a godly eldership and evangelistically minded. It was a joy to meet up with them again. It is a shame that they are unable to find a pastor. But the problem seems to be UK-wide. There are many conservative evangelical churches here which lack leadership and are unable to find suitable men. They simply are not being raised up in the churches. Such is the concern that there have been conferences on the topic. However, we know that God is wise and our hearts must be searched.

On Sunday evening I started preaching through Philippians. I used the first two verses to introduce the letter, asking who the letter is from (Paul and Timothy, slaves of Christ), who it is to (saints - what's a saint?), and the basis of their lives (grace and peace from the Father and the Son). Nice and simple.

Oh. I also had a seriously intimidating haircut.

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