Tuesday, January 23, 2007

"...it’s actually quite a good blog"!

Praise indeed from those blokes at the BCSE. And Hey! I must have done something right. Honestly, I am not worthy to have had BCSE do some research on me. (Can I be on your blacklist now? Please?) If you want to read their results, look here.

Welcome, if you were reading that article and found your way here. Nice of you to drop by.

The article is mostly about Gareth Crossley and I am one of his "connections". The bit about me is mostly accurate. Trouble is I don't really think they are trying to be nice. Strangely, they describe me as having "attacked" them. Well, if you can describe pointing at a man in the street on stilts and wearing a pointy hat as "attacking" the man, then I suppose it was an "attack". But you need to redefine "attack". Well, never mind.

Just so that we are absolutely clear: Dr Crossley and Mr Anderson are men I am honoured to be associated with and to have learned from. They mean a great deal to me. No doubt I will not see them in heaven. In the same way as one great Christian leader once said of his colleague, they will be much nearer the Throne than I.

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