Monday, March 05, 2007

Licensed and Called

I didn't post about this on Saturday night. I was just too tired...

On Saturday afternoon, at the presbytery meeting of the EPCEW in Solihull, I was licensed for the ministry in the EPCEW and then called as the organising pastor to Solihull Presbyterian Church. I have much to thank the Lord for.

On Friday I had to travel to Cambridge to meet with the relevant committee to review my presbytery exams, trial sermon and essays. Mostly positive with some constructive criticism. I enjoyed the fellowship.

The final hurdle was presbytery on Saturday. I preached the morning devotions but had to wait for the afternoon for my 'floor exam'. The trouble with these kinds of tense occasions is that I have a tendency to become monosyllabic. There were a couple of points where I really struggled. I think the questioning took longer than it has been on other occasions I have observed. However, it finished eventually. The subsequent vote was unanimous. As I said, much to be thankful for.

Elders must shepherd the flock and guard against wolves. Both of these require skill and experience because the flock is small in the UK and wolves abound. We need well-trained men to lead churches. Therefore, though difficult, I appreciate and believe in the process that I have been taken through. (In fact, I agree with any sentiment that suggests more rigour, not less!)

Afterwards, when presbytery had finally dispersed, I felt weak with hunger. So, as well as stopping off for fuel on the way home, I stocked up on chocolate. When I got home an hour later, Susan suggested we go out for a meal to celebrate but I was just too tired. But it was a delight to be home with the family without pressure for a while.

ADDENDUM: Andy's comment reminds me. The ordination service will take place on Saturday 17th March at 11am at Solihull Methodist Church (Google map here), followed by a light lunch. I will be sending out invitations soon to most people I can think of. But meantime if you want to come you can let me know here or by email - see my profile.

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