Monday, October 20, 2008

Grace in Sweden

We arrived back from Sweden last Wednesday pretty tired after a busy couple of days. I was going to write about our visit, but Richard has captured the substance of it on his blog. I only need add my appreciation of the visit. The picture shows, from the left, David Bergmark (Pastor), Gary Johnson (MTW missionary) and David Leander (Deacon). These three men and their families were the core group of a church plant that has grown to 40 members.

There are 40-people churches that are troubling because they are that size, and there are 40-people churches that are very encouraging. The Evangelical Reformed Church in Tranas is the latter. Solid doctrinally, a strong, thinking, humble eldership and a desire, with plans, to plant new churches (note the plural) to reach more Swedes with the gospel.

A good experience and very encouraging.

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