Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Roundup of Election Propoganda

Like most people, we’re being inundated with fliers for the European elections on June 10th. I'm impressed that we've had so much. They must care! Here's a summary:

Labour:Working Hard for Britain Large, thin glossy paper- looks like a supermarket flier. Not good. Picture of nice family in kiddies’ playground. Very little about Europe. All about Labour’s domestic record. .

Also there are six pictures of Labour people inside. “Which one is the candidate?” I said to Susan.

“All of them!” she said.


It then dawned on me that the system for this election is not what I expected. Susan didn’t know what it was either. I’m still none the wiser. Does anyone know?

Conservative:Putting Britain First. Thick paper, not as glossy. Mmm. Nice. Focus on Britain’s relationship with Europe. Heavy on the need for a referendum on the new constitution. ‘Personal’ message from Michael Howard. (Is that good or bad? Hmm.) Six shiny double-barreled faces smiling at one.

Liberal Democrats:Let’s make Europe work for all of us. (what? for the MEPs or the people?) Smaller sheet in supermarket flier paper – boo – not trying hard enough. Slags off Tories as anti-Europe, and Labour for Iraq. Usual gubbins about cutting waste etc. Six fuzzy out-of-focus faces, holiday snap style, smiling (I think).

Now the little parties:

UK Independence:Say no to European Union. Well that’s clear. Two-colour theme (pink & yellow…mmm, nice). Mug of Kilroy-Silk inside. “Say No” to all sorts of things. Also known as the “Let’s Run Away While Blowing Raspberries at Everyone” Party. Looks like a bunch of old accountant-types.

Respect:Respect, Equality, Socialism, Peace, Environment, Community, Trade Unionism. Gorgeous George Galloway’s mob. Apparently run along Stalinist lines. Double plus ungood. Nice leaflet – best design. Nothing about Europe though. All anti-Blair.

British National Party:SAFE – Stop Asylum For Ever. Well that’s clear too. Single issue. This is the funniest. There is one candidate pictured with his family. On top of the picture is a quote, apparently from the little boy (looks aged 2 or 3), which says “My Dad isn’t a racist!” What a clever child! They’re not racist after all! No, no, … er … no?

Well there you have it. Who would you vote for?

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