Friday, September 16, 2005

Beware the Dip

Yup. We're in the dip. That phase of the blogging cycle where I have got bored with blogging.

Here's what happened. I thought to myself, I need to read some of the good books which shout "Read me! Me!" from my shelves, so I started reading.

Then I thought, "this is better than reading blogs" so I stopped reading other blogs. Except for a few which are mostly characterised by few words, pithy statements, and some semblance of wit, rather than rambling verbosity - blahdee blahdee blah etc. There is nothing worse than a long post which you read, get to the end and think, "What was that all about?", and then realise the answer was, "not much". It is depressing enough thinking that I wasted x minutes reading it. Even more so that someone spent 10x to 100x minutes writing it.

The next logical thought is, "Is Doggie's B one of the merry band of time-wasters? Probably. Let's stop."

So that's what happened.

Now, I seem to be back. Let's make it worthwhile.

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