Friday, November 18, 2005

Scripture Memory

Recently while doing some evangelistic work I realised once again how necessary it is to have a good grasp of what the Bible says, and not just that, but also a good grasp of where it says it. So I did a radical thing - I got my memory verses out and started reviewing them again.

This was one of the benefits of getting involved with the Navigators in Glasgow when I was converted. Scripture memory was a big thing with them, and I have benefitted enormously from it through the years. Many of the verses I learned then are still with me now, clear as day.

I had a poke around the net in a spare moment and discovered this church website. They have taken the Navs' Topical Memory System (a set of 60 verses covering a whole range of topics) and put them on to online flash-cards for memorisation. It's a pretty good site, easy to use and well worth making use of.

Remember: review, review, review!

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