Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Books Read in March 2006 - III

Not Reformed at All
by John W. Robbins and Sean Gerety (Trinity Foundation, 2004) 136pp.

At last. Finished. Now for a shower...

I didn't like this book. To be honest I just ended up skim reading it. Though there are some important questions hidden in there which must be asked of his opponents, the invective was too unpleasant. I would prefer (yes, unashamedly 'prefer') to think more carefully about what others have written in response to FV/AAT. I also came away with the impression (well, I only skim read it!) that Robbins had not accurately presented Wilson's views. Therefore the answers Robbins shouts at the reader are not really answers to points that FV people are making. It's easy to kill straw men. This book is of extremely limited value.

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