Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Fuss over a Cross

I can't get excited about this issue of whether one can wear a cross at work. Here is the issue: Ms. Eweida is not being forbidden from doing something scripture commands, not is she being commanded to do something scripture forbids. So she should comply with the BA guidelines. There is no issue here.

Some Christians will get upset that Islam is being "pandered to" while Christianity is being oppressed and this occasion is an example of it. Some might want us to jump up and down and set fire to things to express how our sensitivities have been violated. And behind this are certain sections of the media who are willing to offer support for the sake of a good news story.

If we do this, and call for equality with other religions, we demonstrate that our Faith no better than that of others'. We say to the world we are just another bunch of sad, overly-sensitive individuals creating a rammy in the moshpit of 'faiths', using worldly methods to gain worthless results. Who really cares about wearing a cross? If my faith depends on it, I am more to be pitied than anyone.

Jesus is Lord. He rules and reigns supreme. There is no other contender. He commands all to repentance and faith.

He is my Lord. The only sign he gives of my salvation and union with him is baptism. It is the only sign I can point to. He calls us to a life of faith working through love. Love is the continuing visible evidence of discipleship. Imagine BA, the government or anyone else trying to prevent that!

Through this news event, Christians are being given an opportunity to look at what is really important and turn once again in repentance to God. Let's put aside all that hinders and run the real race.

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