Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Poster Count

Went into Derby for a meeting this afternoon - 6 miles in and 6 back. I made a quick count of the Euro Parliament political posters attached to lampposts on the way in. Here's the result:

UK Independence: 11
Liberal Democrats: 6
Labour: 5
Conservative: 0
Respect: 0
BNP: 0
Greens: 0

UKIP are obviously keen and have some money. They also had the only billboard poster with Say No! to the European Union [cue: raspberry blowing]. Must be all those accountant types. I note that they are getting a lot of interest in my newspaper today.

Lib Dems were in the suburban areas, Labour in the urban areas. Predictable.

Where were the Tories? I saw what I thought was one of theirs - it had the right colours - but when I got close up it was an ad for Freddie's Play Kingdom. Easy mistake to make.

So I make it UKIP out in front for effort. But still 2 weeks to go.

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