Thursday, September 29, 2005

Federal Vision Study

As part of my studies this year I have to do an independent study (IS) module. After much deliberation I have come up with the following working title:
A Critical Evaluation of "Federal Vision Theology" Arising in North American Presbyterian and Reformed Churches in the Last 30 Years and a Consideration of the Implications for Reformed Churches in the UK.
Rather lengthy, I know, but there it is. I have been meaning to get to grips with this topic for the last three-plus years since the 2002 AAPC controversy blew up, but I have simply not had the time. Study, work and family have made it impossible. Since I have to do an IS module anyway, it seemed sensible to combine a desire with a requirement. So, what better motive can I have?

As well as trying to understand the doctrinal distinctives of the movement/conversation, I intent to get a handle on its theological and historical roots. I also hope to look at recent responses from the reformed/presbyterian denominations.

So, anyway, here is something for you, Dear Reader - do you have any suggestions for essential background reading? I am particularly interested in any historical perspectives which are not found on the web.

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