Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Freedom and Opinions

Well, yes. I'm all for free speech. And blogging is good for it. People can express their opinions, get things off their chests blah blah blah.

Trouble is, I'm getting the impression that some people believe their opinion is sacrosanct. To challenge it is to violate some holy law which must be punished.

The reason I have a problem here is that I happen to believe that all opinions have weight, and that weight is determined by the veracity of the information it is based upon. Needless to say, some opinions can be found to be very light indeed upon inspection. Consequently, it is my opinion that all opinions should be subject to fires of enquiry. What is left standing is then worth something of value. Unfortunately not everyone agrees. Some believe that the quantity and volume of opinion is what matters.

As I have mentioned before, Jesus did not come full of grace and opinions. He did not tell the pharisees in John 8 that they will have an opinion, and this opinion will set them free. He spoke of truth.

There is a story behind this little comment, but we need not go there. Just to say, for what it is worth, that truth matters above all opinions.

That's my opinion.

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