Monday, November 28, 2005

Knock Them Down, One at a Time.

Susan was with a bunch of Woodlands people at a day seminar for youth workers on Saturday. It was organised by the Good Book Company entitled Understanding and Teaching the Sovereignty of God. How often do you hear a topic like that in youth work today?! I am increasingly impressed by GBC, the more I hear about them.

During our family devotional time later in the evening we got on to discussing God and science. (It didn't have anything directly to so with the passage we were reading, but these times often function as an opportunity to discuss spiritual issues that are on my daughter's mind.) Susan quoted someone she had heard speak earlier that day. Her paraphrase was something like,
There are no Laws of Nature, just acts of God.
What a great statement! I thought it was brilliant. What a great starting point for thinking about the world we live in, and about what science is about! Thinking like this stops us thinking there is "something else" out there to which we owe alliegance (i.e. physical Laws), alongside God.

In other words, it destroys another idol.

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