Monday, May 29, 2006

Report on Weekend Manoeuvres

It was good to visit Solihull Presbyterian Church with the family yesterday and lead their worship service. The church planter, Al Lutz and his wife Julie, are back in the US for a couple of weeks, so I was asked to lead some time ago. The plant (rather like that of my friends Gareth and David in Belper) is at that slightly unstable stage where there are less than 20 people meeting and the group could vary quite a bit week to week. Nevertheless, we had a good time of worship together, followed by a picnic lunch afterwards. There are some good people there.

In the evening I was back at Derwent to continue the series in Philippians at chapter 3. There were some tricky questions afterwards over coffee. It was funny. Though I was prepared to preach, I was not prepared for the questions! However humbling this may have been I am glad that there were some who were thinking and wanted go further and think about what it means to know Christ in practice.

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