Saturday, May 29, 2004

Bloggy Excursion

You will note that I have not been blogging over the last couple of days. This is because I have had a kind of bloggy holiday. What's that, you say? Well, in my various travellings I came across an entry by Messy Christian. I was interested and a bit concerned about the content of one of her posts, so I posted a comment. Well, I got into a couple of rather long conversations which have detained me somewhat, using up all my limited bloggy time - I was camping out contributing to someone else's blog! Now I'm back.

It was interesting. I can't say I came back unscathed. The people I was dealing with have formed/are forming a particular blog-based Christian subculture which seems to have real problems with visible expressions of the church. I have really only, scratched the surface, but the discussion I got into concerned the place and role of elders in a church. For them, there seems to be no concept of elders 'ruling'. Right at the start, on the basis of a few sentences I was called a 'churchianity freak'! Charming.

I notice two problems that immediately stand out, both from the interaction, and from other related articles: firstly that is poor exegesis of scripture to back up views. What there is is exegesis of the English, not the Greek - plenty of scope for anachronistic interpretations. I also notice a lack of interest in church history (well, it's evil and corrupt isn't it?). As a result the primitive church is idealised.

I'll keep my eye on this. It's quite interesting as a sociological development, but of some concern for biblical Christianity. I may review some articles which have emerged if I get the time.

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