Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Jollyblogger on the Trajectory of Ideas

Here's an excellent post from Jollyblogger on the trajectory of ideas. He shows the fundamental weakness of the seeker-sensitive and post-modern/emergent church movement.

Here's a key quote:
It seems to me that the old idea was that the church sets the agenda for the world and the church has centuries of Biblical exegesis and theology to build on as it faces the challenges of a new generation. The new idea which I am speaking of is the idea that the world sets the agenda for the church. This began in classical liberalism, and that set a trajectory which has carried the idea into the World Council of Churches, the seeker sensitive movement and now the postmodern/emergent movement. That which was rejected by the evangelical church when it came to them in the guise of liberalism and the WCC has now been accepted under the headings of the seeker sensitive movement and the postmodern/emergent movement.
In other words, an old idea in new clothes.

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