Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Redwood (Tory) vs. Kilroy-Silk (UKIP)

I watched these two battle it out last night on Channel 4 News and then on BBC's Newsnight programmes. Kilroy-Silk the new slick front-man of UKIP, Redwood Howard's supposed Dobermann sent out to see off the intruder.

I have to say that in terms of passion, presentation skills etc. Kilroy-Silk won hands down. He has, after all, had a lengthy career as a TV presenter. Redwood was shown to be basically in agreement with UKIP. The only argument Redwood could put together was that the Tory party is the best vehicle to get what UKIP wants. Therefore vote Tory. But the official position of the Tories of "Live and let live" in Europe is radically different from the "Say NO to Europe" (i.e. full withdrawal from the EU) position of UKIP. It shows that the deep underlying problems that bedevilled the Tories in the 90's are still there.

For the Tories I think last night's exposure was disastrous.

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